Swimming pool Shades

Our company Delta tents & Tensile Shades are the specialist in making swimming pool covering shades and safety covers to protect your children.

Swimming pool safety cover

  • Safety - The most important consideration.
    Pool safety is of paramount importance – a vital consideration for all pool owners, particularly if you have children, the elderly or infirm around the home. Delta swimming Pool shades and swimming pool safety covers have been protecting the lives of pool owners and their friends and families across Pakistan.
  • Keeps your pool clean & reduces running costs delta Safety Cover Standing On
    As well as their primary purpose in keeping your pool safe and preventing drowning's and pool related accidents, a Delta swimming pool cover also fulfills the other key roles. It will keep pets and wildlife at bay. It will minimize chemical wastage by keeping dirt and debris out of the water, and it will help reduce running costs by insulating against heat lost through evaporation from the surface.
  • Superior quality & value
    Delta pool safety covers are designed to give many years reliable trouble-free operation, and represent the best value you for your investment. The mechanics are manufactured from quality materials, Delta Safety Cover Half On with the cover itself in a heavy duty and UV stabilized synthetic weatherproof material.
  • Easy to use
    Delta pool safety covers are quick and simple to operate. The cover can be opened or closed in 1 to 2 minutes. It is opened using a crank handle on the cover mechanism, and closed again using a tow-rope on the leading edge, with the cover gliding effortlessly along aluminum tracks fitted to each side of the pool.


  • Can be fitted to pools up to 12m x 5.90m (39′ x 19’6″)
  • Can be installed on new build pools
  • Can be retro-fitted to existing pools
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  • Reduces running costs
  • Reduces chemical use
  • High quality, hard-wearing construction
  • Manufactured in durable, corrosion and UV resistant materials
  • Certified as a safety cover to international standards

Swimming Pool Shades

Our company Delta tents & Tensile Shades are the specialist in making swimming pool covering shads.

  • When you think of a pool, it’s natural to think of sunshine. Pools are a hallmark of the summer months, keeping families and homeowners outdoors and entertained during hot and sunny weather. For more and more pool lovers, grabbing a bit of shade is becoming a priority. Whether it’s from concern over UV exposure, a need to find some respite from the hot midday sun, or simply to avoid a sunburn, many pool owners are turning to shade solutions for their pools.
  • Installing a shade structure over pool can deliver a range of benefits beyond UV protection and relief from the rays. Today’s shade structures can be great aesthetic additions to a pool, giving you a bit of ambiance and style. And with well-structured, large-scale permanent structures, you’ll also be adding value to your home. Let’s take a look at the seven best pool shade ideas:
  • Shade sails are increasingly popular options that give a truly modern look to a pool.
  • These interestingly shaped sails can be placed in an array of unique angles, giving a pool a very edgy and modern look.
  • The downside of shade sails is that they can give inconsistent shade (requiring several shades to cover an entire section of a pool) and because they have to resist high winds, can be surprisingly expensive.
  • Cantilevers are shade structures similar to canopies that use just a single support structure on one side. Support posts are driven into the cement around the pool, horizontal, with a canopy, extend over the pool from these vertical support posts, providing shade for poolside guests and those in the water.
  • We manufacture extreme quality swimming pool shades products which helps more effectively in the greatest heat of summer. We supply our shade products all over the Pakistan land provide shade installation services in PAKISTAN as well we deliver our shades products in all GCC countries, Europe and Africa.

Advantages Of Swimming Pool Shades

  • Effective 95% UV Blocking
  • Air Circulation
  • More Durable
  • Minimum one year longer life time than other cheaper shades.
  • Temperature under the swimming pool shade can be lowered up 6.5℃.
  • Applicable for any type of weather.
  • Rust Proof material – Best quality tension ring.
  • Light weight and easy to install.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Swimming Pool Shades are the modern and elegant designed shades that increase the beauty of the area as well provide a shelter from sun while and after the swimming. Installing swimming pool shades over the pool mutate the patio area into a modern and pleasant look. Swimming pool shades make outdoor swimming more enjoyable as they block the UV rays and protect you and your family from the burning sun. Our high quality sun shades that are made of world class fabrics (PVC/PVDF, PTFE) keep you more cool and comfortable.

Swimming Pool Roller

Swimming Pool Automatic Cover

Sail Shade

Our company Delta tents & Tensile Shades provide a wide range of shade sail is a device to create outdoor shade based on the basic technology as a ship's sail. Shade sails use a flexible membrane tensioned between several anchor points. While generally installed permanently, they are cheap and easy to set up. They are usually provided above public gathering places such as seating areas and playgrounds in countries where strong sun radiation makes prolonged stays in the open sun unpleasant or dangerous due to sunburn and skin cancer risk. Originally shade fabric, like all fabrics in the outdoors, suffered from UV degradation. UV inhibitors are now added during the manufacture of shade cloth and good shade cloth now generally comes with a multi-year UV degradation warranties. Shade cloth is a knitted fabric and this is an important factor in using it to design and manufacture shade sails.

Sail Multi Shades

Our company Delta tents & Tensile Shades are also manufacturer of the multi sail shades. We made shade sail design that uses the inherent "stretch" of the knitted fabric to create three-dimensional shapes. Fabrics other than shade cloth are used to make shade sails such as PVC, a more expensive alternative, or canvas variations. The low cost of shade cloth and its ability to breathe makes it a prime choice for "cool shade". Modern purpose-made shade sails vary in shape, size and color and there is trend towards installing multiple sails, sometimes overlapping, thereby adding some form and style to its function. Shade sails are tensioned usually by means of either a stainless steel turnbuckle or a pulley system fixed at each corner of the sail. For permanently fixed sails, the turnbuckle provides the best means of fixing the canopy since it generally allows more tension to be applied. For sails that are used on an occasional basis, the pulley system is more practical since it can be set up and taken down in a couple of minutes.

For domestic applications of shade sails, it is recommended to install them with a quick release "snap hook" at each corner. This allows the sail shade to be quickly taken down in high wind conditions or during the winter season. Correct installation requires that adequate and quite considerable tension be applied to the sail to allow it to adopt its correct shape and prevent flapping in the wind. It is important to ensure that the mounting points are substantial and secure both to be able to accept the required initial tension and to absorb the loads created by wind gusts hitting the sail.